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Production and R&D

Dedication to Product Innovation


Because innovation, through research and development, is central to our success, RTD re-invests a large percentage of its capital in human resources and equipment for R & D.

The RTD development team includes dentists, engineers, and technicians specializing in dental materials science and chemistry.

Collaboration between the RTD team and the academic, clinical and scientific communities allows continued innovation, especially in the field of fiber reinforced composite. The constant in the forefront of our effort is improvement in mechanical properties; radiopacity, translucence, and the interfaces between the components, which improve fatigue and interlaminate shear strength.

To achieve these goals, RTD has created specialized laboratories for the synthesis of organic chemistries, and has acquired and integrated high-technology analysis equipment including:

  • 4 fatigue test banks
  • 3 Universal Testing Machines (Instron-type)
  • Chemical and thermal DSC analyzer
  • Thermocycling equipment
  • Densitometer, to quantify and compare radiopacity
  • Xenotest apparatus for measuring color stability
  • Light energy and transmission test equipment
  • Optical scanning microscope
  • Profilometer to control surface roughness

As a testament to its creativity and hard work, RTD applied for 8 patents in 2006 alone.

Another illustration of the sophistication is the self-studies that RTD has developed and integrated:Pulltrusion

  • The Bonding (push-out) test
  • The radiopacity test
  • The thermocycling test
  • The static Fracture Resistance test
  • The Fatigue Resistance test

Innovative Product Techniques

Over 40 years’ time we have adapted and developed innovative materials, equipment and techniques to exercise complete and caring control of the process.

To ensure an adequate, cost-effective world-wide supply of quality posts, RTD has literally invented an “integrated equipment” production line, which includes no less than six separate process steps; synchronized in a continuous pulltrusion process.

The process combines exacting and proprietary combination of temperature, chemistry, speed and tension to produce multiple sizes of its varieties of posts. RTD is certified 13485 documenting its complete control of this process in order to produce product of consistent quality

Fiber Posts

Fiber Posts

for severely damaged endodontically-treated teeth

Fiber Products


for periodontal splinting and reinforcement of acryllic and composite prostheses



for core build-up, cementation, bonding and splinting