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Sealbond Ultima®

Sealbond Ultima 1 Sealbond Ultima 2
  • Universal light-cure formula is chemically compatible with all Bis-GMA and UDMA-based resin cements and composites (light-cure, dual-cure and self-cure)
  • VERY Light –sensitive; making it superior for post cementation
  • Low film thickness (~14 microns) allows use indirect AND indirect (cementation) procedures.
  • High bond strength, strength (23 MPa to etched dentin / 30 MPa to etched enamel), to preventmicro-leakage.
  • 5th generation, one-bottle formula means NO portioning, NO mixing, NO waiting!

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SEALBOND ULTIMA is a 5th generation bonding system in order to present the best proven results for post cementation. SEALBOND ULTIMA is compatible for use with light-cure, dual-cure and chemical-cure cements and composites. SEALBOND ULTIMA is highly light-sensitive. It works perfectly with our translucent fiber posts and our CORECEM Dual Cure Cement and Core Build Up.

The two-year shelf life allows liberal inventories, peace of mind.

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