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LumiGlass DeepCure


Light Cure Resin Composite

LUMIGLASS® is a light-cure core build-up composite especially designed to complement our esthetic fiber posts. LUMIGLASS® has outstanding depth-of-cure properties and is ideally used in combination with our COREFORM matrix.

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Features and Benefits

  • Features

  • Light-cure formula saves time and materials,
    gives control to the operator
  • Single paste presentation means NO portioning,
    NO mixing, NO guesswork!
  • Compatible with light-cure, dual-cure
    (4th –7th generation) adhesive bonding agents.
  • Tooth colored shade provides natural esthetics
    for anterior / ceramic or composite crowns
  • Benefits

  • High filler ratio means high DTS and compressive strength.
  • Virtually insoluble in oral fluids, for durability over time.
  • Heavy body consistency allows stacking and sculpting, but can be injected with Centrix Syringe
  • Two-year shelf-life allows liberal inventories, peace of mind.


Fiber Posts

Fiber Posts

for severely damaged endodontically-treated teeth

Fiber Products


for periodontal splinting and reinforcement of acryllic and composite prostheses



for core build-up, cementation, bonding and splinting