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Corecem testimonials

Dual-cure-flowable composite

CORECEM® has been specially developed for the reconstruction of non vital teeth with fiber posts such as LIGHT-POST™, D.T. LIGHT-POST™ and MACRO-LOCK™ POST. CORECEM® has been designed to be used for both cementation and building of the core build-up, to quickly and easily obtain a durable monobloc restoration. Delivered in auto-mixing 5 ml and 25 ml syringe, it can be easily dispensed and applied directly into the post space. CORECEM® is ideally used in combination with our COREFORM matrix.


Dan Ward, Columbus, Ohio, USA

This core material cuts more like dentin than any other material I have used.

Andrew Shannon, Vancouver, BC Canada

I was quite pleased to see how this material stacks up when shaping the core, without any slumping. This made for more precise placement of the material.

Gary Alex, Huntington, New York, USA

I found this product handled and performed well in clinical testing.

Nicolas Cheleux, Private Practice. Former Assistante of Toulouse University, France

I like Corecem because its consistency is outstanding. It is neither too runny nor too thick. The use of the system’s very thin root canal tips facilitates easy injection into the root canal. Once polymerized, Corecem has a very good hardness and resistance.

Brian Gray, General Dentistry Washington DC, USA

Corecem is a strong core material that bonds well. We were also impressed with Corecem’s ability to be placed without slumping. Once cured, Corecem cuts easily and is radiopaque for easy identification on x-ray images.

Christian Decloquement, Former Assistant of University of Paris VII, France

Corecem is really very easy to manipulate. Its perfect viscosity allows a completely homogeneous reconstruction, and the hardness and surface make the shaping of the core build-up to receive the final crown easier.

Daniel Torassa, Cordoba, Argentina

I prefer the stackability and handling of Corecem to other materials I have used for this purpose. Corecem is a very friendly material to use and solves both cementation and core build-up together.

Mitch Conditt, Fort Worth Texas, USA

Nice product; flows well - especially with the small root canal syringe tip - but does not flow too much.

Abelardo Báez Rosales, Chief, Dept. of Restorative Dentistry University Andres Bello, Vina del Mar, Chile

I enjoyed evaluating Corecem. It had very good dispensing and handling characteristics, and stayed where I placed it. It cut nicely, and looks good in the x-ray.

Tony Pensak, General Dentistry, Calgary, BC Canada

Corecem not only enhances clinical efficiency by allowing one to cement a post and build up a core with the same outstanding material, but the color change feature also completely solves the problem of visualizing the core in sub-gingival preparations, without compromising esthetics. I highly recommend Corecem Illusion.

Mark Pitel, Colombia University College of Dental Medicine, New York City

I enjoy using Corecem Illusion in my practice because it couldn't be any easier to dispense, cuts just like dentin, and the on-demand blue color shows me exactly where the core margins are while I'm prepping.

Simone Grandini, Chair of Clinical Endodontics, University of Siena, Italy

I found this product to be a very good cement and build-up material. Handling and radiopacity are good, and the small delivery tips are extremely user-friendly.