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D.T. Light-Post testimonials

What is the D.T. Light-Post® ?

The D.T. (Double Taper) Light-Post® is our pre-eminent fiber post shape today. Introduced in 2000, it maintains the famous HIGH-STRENGTH-LOW-MODULUS attributes of our previous generations, but in a conservative, anatomic shape.


Rich Trushkowsky, Private Practice, General Dentistry, Staten Island, NY, USA

If you are looking for a post that will provide most of your requirements, the DT Light-Post should definitely be considered.

Salam Sakkal, Head of Section in Endodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Montreal, Canada

The DT Light Post system offers a better canal adaptation with minimal tooth structure removal. It offers a logical solution in restoring endodontically treated teeth

Olivier Moyen, Maître de Conférences des Universités, Department of Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics,Toulouse, France

I used RTD fibre posts for many years and my own experience shows excellent results with carbon fibre and particularly, these last years, with quartz fibre posts. Today, biomechanical behaviour, interfaces, adhesive systems / fibre posts and aesthetics of these posts are highly satisfying. The DT Light-Post system presents a shape in accordance with root anatomy and coronal reconstitution and also with endodontic preparations like actual variable taper systems.

Etienne Medioni, Head of Department, Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics, Nice Dental University, President of the French Society of Endodontics, France

I have used the RTD fibre post systems since 1989 without failure. The evolution of RTD posts is remarkable. Recently, DT White-Posts allow a perfect adaptation to the new shape of root canals prepared using Ni-Ti rotary files with higher taper. The Anatomic Post 'n Core system, using DT Light-Post makes for easier clinical procedures (one appointment). Moreover, all steps of RTD posts manufacturing are perfectly controlled for quality and toughness. I use and teach these techniques in our hospital and dental school.

Dan Sneed, Professor and Chair, Dept. of General Dentistry, Medical University of S. Carolina, USA

I used carbon fiber posts for years and have had excellent results with them; very few dislodgements and virtually none have broken. I do not know of a single root that has broken. For several years we have used clear or white fiber posts, and now have settled on the DT Light-Post. The primary purpose of any post is to retain the core, but an equally important function, in my mind, is to protect the root. Passively placed and bonded fiber posts accomplish both. Combine those attributes with the fact that DT Light-Posts are highly esthetic and you have an excellent system.

Simone Grandini, Chair of Clinical Endodontics, University of Siena, Italy

Fiber posts have changed the way of thinking of the reconstruction of the endodontically treated teeth. These so called low-modulus reconstructions respect (at the most) the residual tooth structure, and are reliable and with good mechanical properties. DT posts and APC represent the latest development in this field: they ensure a very good adaptation to the root canal walls, and can really be of great help for the clinician. Post cementation and core reconstruction can be obtained at the same time, limiting the amount of cement, of course saving time, and definitely with a high quality material.

Javier G. Fabrega, Private Practice, Prosthodontics, Madrid, Spain

I have used Composipost, then Aestheti-Plus and now DT Light-Post for more than 12 years. I have found excellent results with all of them. Moreover, the shortcomings of older designs have been improved with DT Light-Post which has most of the advantages one may expect; resistance, conical shape, radiopacity and translucency for esthetics. I haven ́t had any fractures with DT Light-Post so far.

Kim Sperly, Private Practice, General Dentistry, Chairman of Education, ESED, Copenhagen, Denmark

Being one of the old users of Composipost (starting in the early 1990's) and now a daily user of DT posts (carbon and quartz), I cannot be more happy. I have had NO root fractures, have only lost 2 posts in more than 10 years (due to insufficient bonding material) and now have the possibility of making a strong and reliable post-core in less than 15 minutes, thus increasing production, saving chair time and saving the patients time.

Jon Dean, Private Practice, Endodontics, San Francisco, California, USA

I’ve tried the DT Light-Post now, and I must say I am quite impressed. It is a significant improvement over the first generation carbon fiber C-POST, especially with respect to the post space preparation. It is much more conservative with remaining tooth structure, which should translate to even better long-term success clinically.

Christian Decloquement, Former Assistant of University of Paris VII, France

I have used RTD carbon fiber posts since 1988 with great time reliability, and have enjoyed the evolution of the posts in shapes and composition. The latest generation, DT Light-Post, is very convenient for the rotary endodontic technique and have a perfectly codified protocol placement, with the same mechanical properties (close to dentin) in order to protect these non vital teeth.