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Macro Lock Oval Post testimonials

A successful product with a revolutionary new angle

RTD announces a new "hybrid post" design for the restoration of wide, flared canals. Keeping the Illusion color-on-command technology, advanced X-RO fiber, and the Macro-Lock drill system, the new Macro-Lock Oval simplifies these restorations: round and slightly tapered at the apical end, it flares profoundly and becomes oval.


Tony Pensak, General Dentistry, Calgary, BC Canada

Perfectly round root canals don’t occur in nature. They can be instrumented to this cross-sectional morphology, but this invariably requires the sacrifice of healthy tooth structure to facilitate the placement of round posts. Preserving ovoid canal shapes is preferable, but leaves voids around round posts. The oval post, as has been developed by RTD, provides intimate contact with oval canals and maximizes our ability to reinforce roots and retain cores, while allowing restorative dentists to preserve healthy tooth structure.

Brian Gray, General Dentistry Washington DC, USA

This is truly one of the best ideas I've seen in dentistry in a long while. These new posts address a real clinical indication from the structural, geometric, functional and esthetic perspectives all at once. High strength, macro-retention, and excellent radiopacity combine in this unique shape to replace cement with high-performance fiber-reinforced composite. During our pre-market evaluation the posts were so successful that I made the rare decision to implement immediate use in our clinical regimen - they are incredible.

Alejandro Bertoldi Hepburn, Del Desarrollo Dental School Concepción, Chile

I'm glad that somebody finally developed this post design, and it seems natural that RTD would be the one to do this. An oval-shaped post addresses a well-known clinical problem in restoring endodontically-treated teeth. I also like the idea that I can customize it simply and slightly, for an even better fit.

Howard S. Glazer, General Dentistry, Ft. Lee NJ, USA, Attending Dentist, Englewood Hospital, NJ

Why try to fit a round post into an oval-shaped canal? I have used the round Macro-Lock X-RO fiber posts for years with great success. This new design, an oval-shaped post with a tapered, round apical end, is ideal for these wide, flared and ovoid canals. The new oval version works with the same drills, and they are compatible any adhesive bonding system or cement I use. Viva l’ RTD! (As published in AGD Impact, September)

Leendert (Len) Boksman, Ontario, Canada

For the most commonly shaped canal; an ovoid post! What a concept! Without changing armamentarium for preparing the canal, RTD now has a post that evolves into an ovoid shape coronally to more adequately fit the natural anatomic shape of the canal. Less tooth destruction to adapt the tooth to the post and less resultant cement, creates a stronger tooth and more resistance to dislodgement and fracture. When room allows the addition of Fibercones adds anti-rotational stability as well as further composite reduction. This is currently the state of the art in fiber post technology and tooth restoration.

John Peters, Canada

I have been researching and working with posts for more than 10 years, and have concluded that more post and less resin is a better restoration. Because of that, this is an excellent post to enhance the endo-restorative complex. Moreover, I love the design, which matches the filing system and natural anatomy.

Daniel Torassa, Cordoba, Argentina

I was introduced to RTD quartz fiber post years ago; first the DT Light-Post, then the Macro-Lock design. This latest evolution of the Macro-Lock is a unique but simple approach to a common clinical challenge; those unusually-shaped canal that occur naturally in most teeth, and which present after a root canal re-treatment or a post-removal.

Simone Grandini, Chair of Clinical Endodontics, University of Siena, Italy

I like these oval/flared posts because they offer maximum thickness in the critical cervical area, where its strength is most important.

Bruce Crispin, Tarzana, CA, USA

I use and like the unique Oval Macro-lock Post. It is great for large, non-round canals where extra strength is desired.

Gilberto Henostrosa, Chief; Section for Operative Dentistry & Biomaterials, University Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Peru

I have used RTD fiber posts since their first generation in the 1990s. Their current composition and quality are unsurpassed so, as a leader, it makes sense that they would broaden their family of shapes and designs. We have been using the Macro-Lock Oval Posts for nearly a year, and find them to be a valuable addition to our armamentarium. Though we still also place accessory posts, these new oval posts are a simpler way to minimize cement thickness and add strength in many over-flared or oval canals and post spaces