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Quartz Splint testimonials

QUARTZ SPLINT® is pre-impregnated with a proprietary methacrylic resin matrix which can chemically bond to the majority of composites and acrylics..

The industrial impregnation prevent bubbles and voids within the material.

The special Mesh allows a perfect integration within the acrylic resin with a high esthetic effect and a tremendous reinforcement.

The woven presentation has been specially designed to attain a strong and effective splint or span using very little space and bulk of material. The thickness is just 0.4 mm and with its width of 2.5 mm is usable in the majority of situations.

The Rope format has a much larger quantitative volume of the splint fibres and they are intertwined to provide much greater strength and resistance to any kind of fracture.


Alejandro Bertoldi Hepburn, Del Desarrollo Dental School Concepción, Chile

In flared and oddly-formed root canal treatments, I have had good success so far using Uni-directional Quartz Splint to augment the main fiber post. It works with Macro-Lock, DT Light-Post or any other fiber post. It saves time and money compared to a cast post and it provides a stronger mass than composite resin or cement alone.

Olaf Fuchs, Dentallabor an der Abt. für Prothetik, Universitätsmedizin Mainz, Mainz, Germany

With the Quartz Splint Rope, I can reinforce provisional implant abutments quickly and easily. Subsequently, a resin bridge frame can quickly be molded on the Quartz Splint Rope. Due to the close-fitting of the Quartz Splint fibre to the abutment, the typical flaking of the resin during the fitting is impossible.

Ian Shuman, Private Practice, Pasadena, MD, USA

Quartz Splint is the finest material available for the enhancement of resin bonded restorations. I have used it successfully for long term provisionals, periodontal splinting, orthodontic retention, post and core buildups and denture repair. It is truly a universal aid whenever I need additional strength and prevention of a catastrophic failure. The pre-impregnated resin makes it ready to use out of the box. It just docent get any easier than this!

Rhonda Hasselfeldt

I love the Quartz Splint Mesh, as it is colorless, stronger and therefore I can make dentures, acrylic flippers and denture/partial repairs without the bulk and the color of the metal showing through them. They're still strong, and thinner than trying to introduce a metal reinforcement bar in the lingual of the mandibular appliance. After using it, I just can't see why someone would want to use anything else. The Denturist has devised a way to use a thin, clear vacuum sheet over the Mesh. We just use a curing light and it is finished in a matter of seconds. It's a no-brainer.

Christine Berthold, Dept. of Endodontics, Univ. of British Columbia, Canada, Department for Operative Dentistry and Periodontology, Univ. Erlangen, Germany

As a result of our in-vitro study, the semi-rigid/rigid Quartz Splints can be recommended for the treatment of hard tissue injuries such as horizontal root fractures or alveolar process fractures. The tooth-colored Quartz Splints provide good esthetic results and can be recommended, especially in cases when long-term splinting is required or for patients with frequent public exposure.

Peter Köck, Zahntechnik, Veitsbronn, Germany

We use Quartz Splint Rope and Woven in the lab and in the operatory, for provisional bridges. This way the larger spans are stable and do not fracture. I place the Quartz Splint Mesh in the denture base instead of a stainless steel or Titanium frame. It is very easy to do, and the denture stays in one piece even if there is a fracture in the acrylic resin. The patient is grateful.

Ajay Kakar, Periodontist and Implantologist in Mumbai, India. Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor Stony Brook, USA

The basis for a good long lasting splint is the fiber framework and the Quartz Splint provides strength, superb clinical handling ability and a beautiful end-result. I have used the Quartz Splint in periodontally afflicted teeth, in traumacases and as retention for post-orthodontic cases. The fibers adapt very easily around the curvatures and it bonds effectively; creating the necessary monobloceffect. I would highly recommend the Quartz Splint to all clinicians.

Elie Abikian, Dental ID Laboratorie, Vetraz, Monthoux,France

We have used the Quartz Splint for 4 years with great success. Since we integrated it into our daily manufacturing process, we have not received back any of these composite bridges or dentures broken. The fact that we have the options of UD, Woven or Rope, we can fit a variety of clinical cases. We enjoy the esthetics of the Mesh, in the acrylic dentures, and the absence of corrosion; which was a problem with metal frame works. Nowadays, our customers ask us to use the QS in our lab process.

Armin Gebhart, Dentallabor Die Zahnwerkstatt, Wartenberg, Germany

Due to the pink colour of the Quartz Splint Mesh, it is invisible in the maxillary denture. With the Quartz Splint Mesh, the denture can be made thinner and more delicate in the palatal part. Using the Uni-Directional or Rope strips, a maximum level of stability can be achieved with a minimum of space required.

Fawna Shields, Lab technician, Northwest Denture Center  Missoula, MT

Quartz Splint is an absolutely wonderful and almost invisible reinforcement product. This product is one of the best products I have found yet! It has made an incredible difference in strengthening removables.

Richard H. Nagelberg, Private Practice, East Norriton, PA. USA. Editorial Director, Dental Education

I have been using Quartz Splint primarily to reinforce transitional bridges, using both the Woven and UD materials. They are extremely easy to use and have solved many situations in which the patient was experiencing transitional bridge fracture. The esthetics are excellent and patients are very satisfied with the results. There are many other applications for the Quartz Splint materials which I will take advantage of, having seen the outstanding results so far.

Paul Belvedere, Private Practice. Edina Minnesota, USA

Having been a pioneer in the use of fiber reinforced resin based composites, starting in 1982, every fiber/resin system I can find, is analyzed, and used in vitro and then in vivo. These Quartz fibers are at the top of the mountain. The fact that they have all of the many configurations that would be useful in dentistry, is magnified by the packaging and storage system that they use. If only there were more forward looking academics, so that these techniques would be placed in the dental school curriculum. With the flexural strength similar to that of carbon fibers, the uses are only limited by the ability of the user.

Lutz Zettel, Zahntechnik im Lehel, München, Germany

We have reinforced a over-denture with the Quartz Splint Mesh. The Mesh has good handling and it is nearly invisible in the denture. For the stabilization of a provisional Maryland-bridge, we chose the Quartz Splint Woven. It is easy to adapt and cuts well. The handling and working characteristics of the Quartz Splint are exactly as we expected them to be.

Danuta Bukowska, Private Practice, Lodz, Poland, Former Teacher at the Medical University of Warsaw

My adventure with fiber splint has begun in 1997. I have worked with variety of fiber splints from many different companies. For eight years I am using in my practice only Quartz Splint RTD. I use them mainly for indirect restorations, but I also love the moment when after extraction of the anterior tooth I can quickly and easily make the direct restoration on the Quartz Splint Woven and the patient can leave my surgery with a smile.

André Hellmuth, UNIKAT Dental, Bad Neustadt, Germany

To us, the pink Quartz Splint Mesh and resin is the ideal combination of simplicity in the handling, stability and aesthetics.

Erick Vines, LD Denturist, North West Denture Center, Missoula, MT, USA

Quartz Splint is the ideal choice whether I have a patient that demands the highest levels of Cosmetics or to strengthen a denture suffering from bruxism.