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Marco Ferrari

June 05 2012

A randomized clinical trial of Endodontically Treated and Restored Premolars

This in vivo study examined the contribution of remaining coronal dentin and placement of a prefabricated (LP) or customized fiber post (ES) to the six-year survival of endodontically treated premolars.

A sample of 345 patients provided 6 groups of 60 premolars each in need of endodontic treatment. Groups were classified according to the number of remaining coronal walls before abutment build-up. Within each group, teeth were allocated to one of three subgroups: (A) no post retention; (B) LP; or (C) ES (N = 20). All teeth were protected with a crown. Cox regression analysis revealed that fiber post retention significantly improved tooth survival (p < 0.001). Failure risk was lower in teeth restored with prefabricated (p = 0.001) than with customized posts (p = 0.009). Teeth with one (p = 0.004), two (p < 0.001), and three coronal walls (p < 0.001) had significantly lower failure risks than those without ferrule. Similar failure risks existed for teeth without coronal walls, regardless of the presence/absence of ferrule (p = 0.151). Regardless of the restorative procedure, the preservation of at least one coronal wall significantly reduced failure risk (ClinicalTrials.gov number CT01532947).