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Franck J. Milnar


Aesthetic treatment of dark root syndrome

The aesthetic results of anterior full-coverage restorations are often compromised by myriad clinical factors.

The inherent aesthetic inadequacy of ceramometal crowns is their inability to transmit and reflect light naturally, which often results in an inability to truly match the natural dentition, as well as a darkening of the area around the root and surrounding periodontal tissue. If the clinician is also dealing with a tooth that has received endodontic treatment, the sealer used can darken the root, and the coronal and root portion of the tooth loses its natural ability to transmit light when filled with gutta-percha.

When a nonvital tooth has been restored with a cast or metal post, the metal in proximity to the gingival interface frequently creates shadows and discolored gingival tissues due to the shine-through that can adversely affect aesthetic results.