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RTD days

What is RTD Days?

RTD Days Is a two-day invitational event held at the company headquarters, in Grenoble France.

Occurring 6 - 10 times per year, the focus of the event is the free exchange of clinical, technical and industry information with our distributors and their selected professional guests.

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Welcome to RTD Days !

Our two-day program includes a factory tour, discussions with the company's Management and Research & Development staff.

We also relax and spend some casual-social time in the beautiful Alpine, high-tech corridor region of southern France.

Attendance is linked and available exclusively to our business partners.
Please consult the calendar BELOW for available dates.

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From past participants

“During the last European autumn I had the chance to visit RTD company in Grenoble (France) together with some colleagues from Argentina and Chile. The visit included a tour of the company and factory (definitively awesome!), meeting with RTD’s personnel and then participating in a very exclusive course. I attended the lectures of my colleagues, and had the luck to lecture too.

Offering this lecture was really a great time for me. I was able to show my clinical work and discuss several issues regarding post-endodontic rehabilitation using fiber posts and their accessories..

I was really surprised by the way the Managers of the company listened to us. They asked several questions on our clinical cases and took notice of every detail. I felt very impressed, happy and proud for that. I was able to prove and feel the scientific level of this company.

Once we finished with the course, we went for a dinner at a beautiful restaurant downtown Grenoble. As you might imagine, the spirits were really high. We were able to taste the best French “cuisine” and drink exquisite French wine.

I really miss that day; despite the long journey, one of the best days in my professional life. I hope I can have such an experience again soon.”

Dr Prof. Alejandro Bertoldi Hepburn, University of Buenos Aires, Arg and Univ Desorrollo, Concepcion, Chile