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VIP study group - RTD Dental

What is the VIP Study Group ?

The VIP Study Club is an on-line community where selected member dentists and laboratory technicians can share their most interesting clinical case studies performed using RTD products.

Each member receives a discrete password, and can access a special template to upload and arrange their photos in sequence and commentary. Once uploaded, the clinician can "share" and communicate with the other members of the community. At RTD discretion, selected cases will go "live" ….for all website visitors to see.

Vip Study Group 3

“I have been very happy to share some of my clinical cases with RTD in past years, for publication in their newsletter.

I am really happy to see this quick and innovative template so that I can upload my “step-by-steps” and add my comments, I hope that it helps other clinicians feel less inhibited about trying new products and techniques. Seeing others’ work, from their perspective, has always been a big part of my learning experience.”

Prof Dr Daniel Torassa, Catholic University, Córdoba Argentina.