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Fiber-reinforced Endodontic Posts & Drills

Macro-Lock Post®

Macro Lock Post 1 Macro Lock Post 2 Macro Lock Post 3 Macro Lock Post 4 Macro Lock Post 5 Macro Lock Post 6
  • Patented Quartz fibers provide high Flexural Strength, Fatigue Resistance and radiopacity
  • Neutral color offers aesthetics and TWICE the amount of light transmission as its X-RO counterpart
  • Macro-retentive undercut features on apical and coronal sections for maximum retention.
  • Two flat sides on coronal section to prevent rotation of core.
  • Parallel coronal section offers maximum diameter for strength, surface area for adhesion
  • Push-out Adhesion to dentin confirmed superior to smooth posts of the same shape
  • Can be a-traumatically removed in minutes.
  • Posts and drills are provided in hygienic "blister" packaging.

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Macro-Lock Post®

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The Macro-Lock Post, is an advanced fiber post designed for maximum retention, with any type of cementation or resin build-up. The post has a tapered apical segment, and a parallel coronal section.

In addition, the surface of the post is roughened with controlled specificity to a highly micro-mechanical surface for excellent bonding and long-term retention.

Available in six sizes, the post is designed with a series of serrations and passive threading cut into the surface, to provide self-retention regardless of the cementation media used. It is provided for dentists not completely comfortable with the total-etch / moist bonding materials & techniques, or dentists who would prefer to use glass ionomer cements with resin core materials. Independent research shows retentive strength previously unattained.


Alejandro Bertoldi Hepburn, Del Desarrollo Dental School Concepción, Chile

We have evaluated several generations of RTD fiber posts in the clinic over hundred of patients in very varying situations. They have exceeded our expectations !

Tony Pensak, General Dentistry, Calgary, BC Canada

With this newest radiopaque, translucent quartz fiber technology, I reach for the Macro-Lock whenever I have minimal useable tooth structure.

Mechanical Properties
Elastic Modulus calculated at 30°14.9 GPa
Flexural Strength (ISO 14125)1600 MPa
Interlaminate Shear Strength60 - 75 MPa
Fatigue Cycles Without Rupture10 000 000
Radiopacity (ISO 4049)200% Al

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