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Fiber-reinforced Endodontic Posts & Drills


Macro-Lock Post® Macro-Lock Post® standard range Macro-Lock Post® Macro-Lock Post® Macro-Lock Post® drill range Macro-Lock Post® pack Macro Lock Standard Post Table
  • Patented Quartz fibers provide high Flexural Strength, Fatigue Resistance and radiopacity
  • Neutral color offers aesthetics and TWICE the amount of light transmission as its X-RO counterpart
  • Macro-retentive undercut features on apical and coronal sections for maximum retention.
  • Two flat sides on coronal section to prevent rotation of core.
  • Parallel coronal section offers maximum diameter for strength, surface area for adhesion
  • Push-out Adhesion to dentin confirmed superior to smooth posts of the same shape
  • Can be a-traumatically removed in minutes.
  • Posts and drills are provided in hygienic "blister" packaging.

More information

The Macro-Lock Post, is an advanced fiber post designed for maximum retention, with any type of cementation or resin build-up. The post has a tapered apical segment, and a parallel coronal section.

In addition, the surface of the post is roughened with controlled specificity to a highly micro-mechanical surface for excellent bonding and long-term retention.

Available in six sizes, the post is designed with a series of serrations and passive threading cut into the surface, to provide self-retention regardless of the cementation media used. It is provided for dentists not completely comfortable with the total-etch / moist bonding materials & techniques, or dentists who would prefer to use glass ionomer cements with resin core materials. Independent research shows retentive strength previously unattained.

Mechanical Properties
Elastic Modulus calculated at 30°14.9 GPa
Flexural Strength (ISO 14125)1600 MPa
Interlaminate Shear Strength60 - 75 MPa
Fatigue Cycles Without Rupture10 000 000
Radiopacity (ISO 4049)200% Al

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