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Fiber-reinforced Endodontic Posts

RTD, from the beginning.

Though several of the first few generations of RTD posts have been surpassed by our own technology, today we offer 5 brand names, with variations on some of them. There are tapered, double-tapered, end-tapered, macro-retentive, posts to meet the needs of ANY clinical case for ANY clinician, and different price ranges. All of our posts are made with the same proprietary "pulltrusion" method, and then milled to demanding dimensional specification with robotic accuracy. Regardless of the shape, size or price-point, quality is never compromised. Illusion® (RTD patent) is intrinsic color-coding. The color disappears at body temperature but can be reconstituted in seconds if needed for removal.

X-RO® is a patented fiber developed exclusively for RTD posts, which increased the strength of our posts' by 20% and radiopacity by 50%.

Macro-Lock Post® Illusion X-RO
  • Macro-Retentive Surface
  • Color-on-command
  • High flexural strength
DT Light-Post®
  • Double-Taper Saves dentin
  • Superior light transmission
  • High Radiopacity
DT Light-Post Illusion® X-RO®
  • Double-Taper Saves Dentin
  • Color-on-command
  • High flexural strength
Macro-Lock™ Oval Post
  • Patented & exclusive X-RO fibers provide unparalleled Flexural Strength
  • Patented Illusion color-change technology eases size identification, removal
Matchpost® Fiber Post
  • End-tapered
  • 4 lengths/4 diameters
  • Most economical