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Bernard Duret


Clinical case with the DT Light-Post

This patient presented with a restoration on endodontically-treated incisor that failed right at the gum-line. Tooth structure is minimal, and the patient declined an implant for financial reasons.

A DT Light-Post Size #3 will be required for retention and support in the absence of adequate coronal tooth structure.

The DT Light-Post has a double-tapered, anatomic design, to provide a good fit with minimal cement thickness.

After crown lengthening, there was sufficient remaining tooth structure to attain a ferrule, and a post was added to provide support for the prosthetic restoration.

In vitro research indicates that the addition of a quartz fiber post in anterior endodontically-treated teeth provides a more durable restoration with better failure modes.

Products used in this case

  • RTD DT Light-Post
  • Bisco Uni-Etch with BAC
  • Bisco One-Step Adhesive (5th Generation)
  • Bisco Light-Core


Dr. Duret practiced general dentistry in Grenoble, France. As a consultant to RTD, he was instrumental in the development of fiber-reinforced endodontic posts. Dr. Duret passed in 2015.