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RTD is the FIRST company to patent and commercialize fiber- reinforced endodontic posts that:

  • Resist fatigue and fracture in-vitro and in-vivo
  • Help prevent root fractures because of their mechanical properties
  • Are the MOST documented fiber posts for over 20 years
  • Are easily cemented or bonded for proven retention of the core and crown
  • Have long-term clinical performance published in mainstream literature
  • Feature exclusive patented Illusion┬« color-on-command technology
  • Offer a safe, effective removal drill system, if re-access is required
  • Are available in macro-retentive and micro-retentive styles
Fiber Posts

Fiber Posts

for severely damaged endodontically-treated teeth

Fiber Products


for periodontal splinting and reinforcement of acryllic and composite prostheses



for core build-up, cementation, bonding and splinting