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Reinforcement Fibers

Fiber posts were just the beginning

The mechanical benefits of potentially high Tensile Strength, combined with Low Elastic Modulus and light weight have proven valuable in many industries. We set about to provide these benefits in a family of products presented in a format that is effective, convenient, economical and practical for use by dentists and dental laboratories. The result is the Quartz Splint Family; a range of 4 presentations, with overlapping indications, according to preference and specific clinical demands. QS is made from a different Quartz fiber than our popular posts, and is pre-wetted with light-cured methacrylic resin at the factory so that it chemically bonds to most composites and acrylics. Pre-impregnation reduces the possibility of voids or bubbles, and provides ease of use and consistent results: NO guesswork/fewer steps! All with a 2-year shelf-life.

Specific direction and suggestions are available in the IFU, but generally the QS Family has a myriad of EVERY DAY uses in the dental practice or dental laboratory:

  • Splinting mobile teeth, from trauma or gum disease/bone loss
  • Reinforcing composite or acrylic bridgework
  • Reinforcing and repair of acrylic dentures and partials, in the clinic OR the laboratory
  • Reinforcing Implant Registration Keys
  • Creating custom-formed endodontic posts (with or without a prefabricated “Master” post)

Independent studies confirm Flexural and Shear Bond Strength superior to glass and polyethylene fiber products, and it does not "wick".

QS are presented in unique light-proof containers that allow easy access and removal of the amount needed, and safe storage of the remainder. Clear unfilled. Light-cure QS RESIN is also available.

  • Highest density of fiber (~50 % fiber in weight) in order to achieve maximum performance
  • Recommended for cases which are submitted to very high loads
  • High Flexural strength
  • Easy to handle, manipulate
  • NEAR-ZERO memory
  • Adds Flexural strength
  • Replaces metal framework; cannot corrode
  • Prevents de-lamination from acrylic