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Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO

Marco-Lock Illusion X-RO

Superior retention is just the beginning

RTD, the world leader in fiber post technology, announces the next evolutionary step in fiber post composition and performance; Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO. 
X-RO involves a new, patented fiber; developed exclusively for dentistry by RTD, which is enhanced with unique radiopacifiers. The in vitro and clinical benefits are profound and persuasive.

Radiopacity of Macro-Lock X-RO is at least 50% greater than previous generations of Macro-Lock posts (Fig. 1), to reach at least 3.4mm or 340 % of Aluminum equivalent (ISO Standard #4049). 

macro x-ro 13                     radiopacity

X-RO fibers also utilize a proprietary silane coupling agent that increases the bond between the fiber and the epoxy matrix. The new fiber improves Flexural Strength (Fig. 2)* by at least 200MPa and maintains high Fatigue Resistance* (10,000,000 cycles)

fiber post 02    Flexural

Optimization of the proven epoxy resin matrix; cross-linked to 99%+, resists water uptake even in extreme thermocycling tests 5°C – 55°C (Fig. 3 ).

thermocycling                  thermocycling 1

Color-coding for easy identification, Posts match the drills.

With patented ILLUSION technology, intrinsic color-coding disappears when seated, re-appears on demand, if removal ever becomes necessary.


Other Benefits

As always, an Elastic Modulus close to dentin produces NO clinical root fractures

  • Translucency provides esthetics and expedites the dual-cure cementation procedure.
  • Corrosion-free and biocompatible. X-RO has passed the common test of cytotoxicity, but also intradermal reactivity, systemic toxicity, genotoxicity and hypersensitivity, in order to ensure complete biocompatibility and safety.
  • Atraumatically removable in minutes***.

tenon zoom v3               retentions

  • Macro serrations and anti-rotation features interlock with the cement and core material to increase retention.
  • Tapered shape enhances adaptation to the root anatomy and conserves dentin.
  • 6 color-coded sizes, with matching drills, satisfy anatomical and clinical demands with ease.
  • RTD has improved the micro-mechanical surface roughness on the "smooth" areas of the post.
  • Together, these eliminate any need for chair-side silane coatings. Retention is better than other fiber posts from the same material, but without the retentions (Fig. 4) ***

* Internal data available upon request - ** Data from manufacturer - *** Complete studies available at

Development Story
Clinical Case

Mechanical Properties

  • Flexural Strength
    (ISO 14125)
  • Interlaminate Shear Strength
    (ISO 14130)
  • Radiopacity
    (ISO 4049)
  • Fatigue Strength
    (RTD’s protocol)
  • 1800 MPa

  • 60-75 MPa

  • 3.40 mm or 340% Al Equivalent

  • >10 Million Cycles Without Breaking

Macro- Lock Illusion


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Fiber Posts

for severely damaged endodontically-treated teeth

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for periodontal splinting and reinforcement of acryllic and composite prostheses



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