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Reinforcement Fibers

Quartz Splint™ Unidirectional

Quartz Splint 1 Quartz Splint 2 Quartz Splint 3 Quartz Splint 4 Quartz Splint 6
  • Highest density of fiber (~50 % fiber in weight) in order to achieve maximum performance.
  • Recommended for cases which are submitted to very high loads.
  • The diameter can be easily reduced by separting the fibers along the axis. A flat or round shape can be done.
  • Pre-impregnated with a proprietary resin matrix which chemically bonds to composite. The vast experience of RTD in fiber technology ensures that the impregnation is bubble and void free, rendering the material with the maximum possible strength.

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Erick Vines, LD Denturist, North West Denture Center, Missoula, MT, USA

Quartz Splint is the ideal choice whether I have a patient that demands the highest levels of Cosmetics or to strengthen a denture suffering from bruxism.