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Quartz Splint Woven


The woven “QUARTZ SPLINT®” has been specially designed to attain a strong and effective splint or span using very little space and bulk of material. The thickness is just 0.4 mm and with its width of 2.5 mm is usable in the majority of situations.

The near-zero memory property and the comfortable working time makes the “QUARTZ SPLINT®” one of the easiest materials to us in complex clinical situations. The woven material can be mixed and matched with the UD (Uni-directional), Rope and Mesh QUARTZ SPLINT® product for the widest range of applications in dentistry.

QUARTZ SPLINT® is pre-impregnated with a proprietary resin matrix which chemically bonds to composite. The vast experience of RTD in fiber technology ensures that the impregnation is bubble and void free, rendering the material with the maximum possible strength.

Replace a missing tooth
Reinforced Temporary Bridge

Simplified Anterior Splint

Reinforced Implant Positioning Key

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Woven Reinforces An Anterior Bridge

Woven-reinforced Bridge


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Fiber Posts

Fiber Posts

for severely damaged endodontically-treated teeth

Fiber Products


for periodontal splinting and reinforcement of acryllic and composite prostheses



for core build-up, cementation, bonding and splinting