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Reinforcement Fibers

Quartz Splint™ Mesh

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QUARTZ SPLINT® MESH is pre-impregnated with a proprietary Methacrylic resin matrix which can chemically bond to the majority of composite. The industrial impregnation and the know how of RTD in fiber technology prevent from having bubbles and voids within the material.

The special mesh allows a perfect integration within the acrylic resin with a high esthetic effect and a tremendous reinforcement.

It gives also an easy adaptation to the oral curves. It can be custum-formed easily before curing.

QUARTZ SPLINT® MESH can be used routinely for denture reinforcement and for denture repair.

QUARTZ SPLINT® MESH very advantageously replaces the standard metal framework which is subject to corrosion and show-through. The modulus of elasticity of QUARTZ SPLINT® MESH is close to composite resin and this prevents delamination and micro-leakage and offers long lasting results.

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Lutz Zettel, Zahntechnik im Lehel, München, Germany

We have reinforced a over-denture with the Quartz Splint Mesh. The Mesh has good handling and it is nearly invisible in the denture. For the stabilization of a provisional Maryland-bridge, we chose the Quartz Splint Woven. It is easy to adapt and cuts well. The handling and working characteristics of the Quartz Splint are exactly as we expected them to be.

Armin Gebhart, Dentallabor Die Zahnwerkstatt, Wartenberg, Germany

Due to the pink colour of the Quartz Splint Mesh, it is invisible in the maxillary denture. With the Quartz Splint Mesh, the denture can be made thinner and more delicate in the palatal part. Using the Uni-Directional or Rope strips, a maximum level of stability can be achieved with a minimum of space required.