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Proven high clinical performances.

Posts & Drills

Fiber reinforced Posts and Drills


Core build-up & Cementation


Fiber glass splinting material

Endodontic and Restorative solutions

Everyday thousands of dentists around the world trust RTD to succeed in their daily practice.

Choosing RTD means quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

With decades of experience, RTD stands beside dental professionals to provide better, safer and faster dental care.


Tony Pensak


With this newest radiopaque, translucent quartz fiber technology, I reach for the Macro-Lock whenever I have minimal useable tooth structure.

Christian Decloquement


Corecem is really very easy to manipulate. Its perfect viscosity allows a completely homogeneous reconstruction...

Erick Vines

Quartz Splint

This is the ideal choice whether I have a patient that demands the highest levels of Cosmetics or to strengthen a denture suffering from bruxism..