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Marcelo Balsamo

September 2010

Laminate Veneer with Macro-Lock Post build-up

This patient presented with a failed amalgam and composite restorations. After removal and cleanup, the post spaces were basically round, and flared. There was excessive loss of coronal tooth structure, but sound dentin. The post space was achieved with minimal loss of dentin, revealing a normal, round spaces internally.

The retentive Macro-Lock Post Size #1 was able to accommodate the vacant space, leaving relatively low cement thickness.

This post system was selected because of the anatomic taper in the apical sections, and the reported flexural strength of this post.

Products used in this case

  • RTD Macro-Lock Post, Size #1 (of 4)
  • VOCO Futurabond DC Bonding Agent
  • VOCO Rebuilda DC dual-cure resin cement and core composite


  • Private practice; Sao Paulo, Brazil