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These days it is not so much what you say about yourself, but what others say about you and your products.

Dentists, Denturists and Lab Technicians worldwide have tested our products and evaluated them clinically. Many have offered the following testimonial endorsements.

Pierre Boudrias

Oct 01 2018

DT Light-Post

Finally, we have a universal and easy-to-use post system with a shape that provides better canal adaptation.

Tony Pensak

Oct 04 2018


With this newest radiopaque, translucent quartz fiber technology, I reach for the Macro-Lock whenever I have minimal useable tooth structure.

Howard S. Glazer

Sep 06 2018

Quartz Splint

Versatile beyond splinting mobile teeth, for creating temporary bridges, repairing acrylic prosthesis, or customized fiber post/core restorations..

Sandra Costa Zamboni

Oct 04 2018


I can observe and quantify that they always present the best results in terms of fatigue resistance, adhesion and conductivity of light...

Yining Wang

Oct 30 2012


The mechanical properties of Macro-Lock fiber post have been tested in our studies, experimental or numerical analysis. The quality is outstanding...

Christine Berthold

Nov 17 2012


I have used these posts clinically with satisfaction, and appreciate their properties and their quality.

Salam Sakkal

Nov 06 2018

DT Light-Post

The DT Light Post system offers a better canal adaptation with minimal tooth structure removal.

Olivier Moyen

Nov 08 2018

DT Light-Post

The DT Light-Post system presents a shape in accordance with root anatomy and coronal reconstitution and also with endodontic preparations...

Etienne Medioni

Nov 13 2018

DT Light-Post

The Anatomic Post 'n Core system, using DT Light-Post makes for easier clinical procedures (one appointment).

Dan Sneed

Nov 05 2018

DT Light-Post

The primary purpose of any post is to retain the core, but an equally important function, in my mind, is to protect the root.

Simone Grandini

Nov 11 2018

DT Light-Post

These so called low-modulus reconstructions respect (at the most) the residual tooth structure, and are reliable and with good mechanical properties.

Javier G. Fabrega

Nov 01 2018

DT Light-Post

I have used Composipost, then Aestheti-Plus and now DT Light-Post for more than 12 years. I have found excellent results with all of them.