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These days it is not so much what you say about yourself, but what others say about you and your products.

Dentists, Denturists and Lab Technicians worldwide have tested our products and evaluated them clinically. Many have offered the following testimonial endorsements.

Olaf Fuchs

April 24 2014

Quartz Splint Rope

Due to the close-fitting of the Quartz Splint fibre to the abutment, the typical flaking of the resin during the fitting is impossible...

Ian Shuman

September 17 2014

Quartz Splint

The pre-impregnated resin makes it ready to use out of the box. It just docent get any easier than this...

Rhonda Hasselfeldt

February 13 2016

Quartz Splint Mesh

I love the Quartz Splint Mesh, as it is colorless, stronger and therefore I can make dentures, acrylic flippers and denture/partial repairs...

Christine Berthold

October 03 2017

Quartz Splint

Quartz Splints can be recommended for the treatment of hard tissue injuries such as horizontal root fractures or alveolar process fractures...

Peter Köck

October 29 2015

Quartz Splint

I place the QS Mesh in the denture base instead of a stainless steel or Titanium frame. It is very easy to do, and the denture stays in one piece...

Ajay Kakar

December 11 2015

Quartz Splint

I have used the Quartz Splint in periodontally afflicted teeth, in traumacases and as retention for post-orthodontic cases.

Elie Abikian

November 29 2016

Quartz Splint

Since we integrated it into our daily manufacturing process, we have not received back any of these composite bridges or dentures broken.

Armin Gebhart

November 18 2015

Quartz Splint

With the Quartz Splint Mesh, the denture can be made thinner and more delicate in the palatal part.

Fawna Shields

December 19 2015

Quartz Splint

Quartz Splint is an absolutely wonderful and almost invisible reinforcement product. This product is one of the best products I have found yet!

Richard H. Nagelberg

November 01 2015

Quartz Splint

They are extremely easy to use and have solved many situations in which the patient was experiencing transitional bridge fracture...

Paul Belvedere

January 23 2016

Quartz Splint

The fact that they have all of the many configurations that would be useful in dentistry, is magnified by the packaging and storage system...

Lutz Zettel

July 24 2017

Quartz Splint

We have reinforced a over-denture with the Quartz Splint Mesh. The Mesh has good handling and it is nearly invisible in the denture...