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These days it is not so much what you say about yourself, but what others say about you and your products.

Dentists, Denturists and Lab Technicians worldwide have tested our products and evaluated them clinically. Many have offered the following testimonial endorsements.

Kim Sperly

October 07 2018

DT Light-Post

Being one of the old users of Composipost (starting in the early 1990's) and now a daily user of DT posts (carbon and quartz), I cannot be more happy.

Jon Dean

August 20 2018

DT Light-Post

It is much more conservative with remaining tooth structure, which should translate to even better long-term success clinically.

Christian Decloquement

April 18 2018

DT Light-Post

I have used RTD carbon fiber posts since 1988 with great time reliability, and have enjoyed the evolution of the posts in shapes and composition..

Manfred Friedman

November 05 2018


Superior physical properties, along with macro and micro-retention, and anti-rotational features make this my post of choice..

Nicolas Cheleux

January 23 2016

Macro-Lock post

The replacement of the carbon fibers with quartz fibers has dramatically improved the bio mechanical properties...

Gilberto Henostrosa

May 07 2018


The radiopaque X-RO fiber and Illusion color-change technologies make these posts even more appealing.

Enrique Kogan Frenck

October 28 2018


Fiber posts are a reality and a better alternative for the reconstruction of teeth with endodontic treatment.

Tony Pensak

August 13 2018

Macro-Lock Oval

The oval post provides intimate contact with oval canals and maximizes our ability to reinforce roots and retain cores...

Brian Gray

July 23 2018

Macro-Lock Oval

These new posts address a real clinical indication from the structural, geometric, functional and esthetic perspectives all at once.

Alejandro Bertoldi Hepburn

April 15 2018

Macro-Lock Oval

I'm glad that somebody finally developed this post design, and it seems natural that RTD would be the one to do this.

Howard S. Glazer

March 11 2018

Macro-Lock Oval

This new design, an oval-shaped post with a tapered, round apical end, is ideal for these wide, flared and ovoid canals...

John Peters

March 25 2018

Macro-Lock Oval

This is an excellent post to enhance the endo-restorative complex. Moreover, I love the design, which matches the filing system and natural anatomy...